Back Yard Opportunities

Having at least one step-free entrance to the back yard will allow family members and guests of all ages and mobility levels to move in and out easily.

This back kyard incorporates a step-free route of travel from the front as well as elegant, graded level changes up to the rear entrance to the home. The gentle grade changes are both attractive and functional, providing a permanent way onto the terraces and into the back yard that everyone can use, even when climbing stairs is difficult or impossible. The shaded trellis creates an inviting place to linger.

$$ $$

Site improvements can be expensive, but they’re also much easier to complete piece by piece over a longer time frame, which makes them much more feasible for many budgets.

How-to tip

The graded entrance will likely require power equipment to dig and move soil. Additional soil may have to be brought to the property. A handyman can construct the trellis.