Entrances and Exits


Entryways can incorporate creative ways to provide access with a mix of step and step-free access points. Of course, it may not be possible to create multiple step-free routes into the home depending on the location and terrain. To create an elegant, step-free, low-slope entrance regrade the front and side of the house. Along with raising the porch level to that of the first floor, the effect will be a natural-looking solution that avoids the temporary nature of ramps as well as the poor visuals, steeper slopes and safety/maintenance issues associated with most ramps.




$$$ $

Ok for experienced do-it-yourselfer but appropriate for a contractor as well.

How-to tip

Raising a porch level may involve rebuilding the stairs to add an additional step, adding stair rails or altering a porch guard rail. Also, when grading around the house, take care to ensure water will drain away from the house. Avoid situations with water running into basements, crawl spaces or neighboring yards.