Interior and Living Areas

Indoor Fixtures and Controls

Door levers and shower handles, called fixtures and controls, contribute greatly to a home being user-friendly. Doors that have lever hardware, instead of knobs, are easier to manipulate with a palm, closed fist or elbow when hands are full, injured or arthritic. Faucets and shower valves that operate similarly, even with wet and soapy hands, are a good choice. Light switches that don’t require pinching or grasping will be easier for all family members and guests to use.

$ $$$

Replacing door hardware, lighting controls and water fixtures are inexpensive methods that can have a large quality of life effect for your family while requiring very little effort to install. Many off-the-shelf options have been designed specifically for easy setup and use, with low costs that make them an appealing choice for many households.

How-to tip

Most easy-to-reach controls, handles and storage options are typically located between 18 inches and 48 inches above the floor. Consider daily routines to ensure placement of fixtures and controls is logical and easy to remember.