Interior and Living Areas

Home Technology

Smart home technology is becoming more and more accessible to residential users, with many solutions not requiring any installation directly into home systems. Intelligent thermostats and smoke alarms by Nest are very easy to install and modernize many functions. Interactive voice command systems such as Amazon Echo can control lighting and room temperature with voice prompts. Placing these controls in centralized spaces, such as a living room or main corridor, ensures easy access and convenience for all family members.

$ $$$

Many off-the-shelf options have been designed specifically for easy setup and use, with low costs that make them an appealing choice for many households.

How-to tip

Look for systems that are modular, scalable and easy to use. This ease of use is especially relevant for older household members who may not be as tech savvy as younger generations. Many systems are available off-the-shelf and require little or no direct installation into the home infrastructure.