Interior and Living Areas

Sliding Walls

Closeable rooms and passages via easy-to-slide panels can limit light, noise and kitchen smells from the rest of the house and can be re-opened as needed. This works well for growing or shrinking family size, including the possible need for dedicated space for a caregiver. Using sliding panels in one bedroom allows flexibility so the room can be easily converted from private space, to semi private to a more open space. A more open space creates visual access and engagement among family members in the living area. Whether fully or partially opened, or fully closed, wall position can change with hourly, daily and seasonal preferences. Moveable wall sections facilitate furniture moving, and people using mobility equipment are unimpeded.

$$$ $

Some renovation costs will be lower than standard homes due to minimizing needed renovations over time: doors and walls don’t need to be remodeled to be changed. Needs an installer.

How-to tip

A renovation may require the removal of structural walls and the installation of load-carrying beams. New flooring may also be needed. Make sure that wall sections slide easily without binding. Floor tracks need to be recessed to maximize ease of rolling and to avoid tripping hazards. Moveable furniture will make this flexible design easier to convert from mostly closed to fully open (the backs of furniture should not be visible with open doors). There are several moving wall systems to consider.