Interior and Living Areas


Increasing natural lighting in a home is one of the most beneficial quality-of-life improvements. Natural light has positive effects on human focus, mood, energy levels, circadian rhythms, eyesight and more. While incorporating ample natural light, avoid any design that reduces privacy and increases heat and glare from Western exposure. For artificial light, using LED fixtures reduces energy requirements, eliminates frequent bulb changes and provides a more natural lighting spectrum. For a small cost premium, smart LED bulbs connect to a hub over Wi-Fi and can be controlled through an app interface providing many options. Try to create varied lighting within the home. Indirect light reflected along a wall can create a soft, calming glow, while focused downlighting is best for task spaces such as home offices, tool benches and kitchen counters.

$ $$$

Installing window coverings, new dimmer switches and changing out to LED bulbs are achievable for most homeowners or certainly by a good handyman.