One of the best ways to socialize with neighbors and passersby is when working in front of the house. While this may reduce work efficiency, it can foster connections to the community. The goal is to facilitate movement onto a property, to the home and to key activity areas in the front and back. Of special concern is helping people move from place to place when climbing stairs is difficult or impossible. Consider a path for an aging adult from the front curb to porches/entrances, around the house and to the back yard.


The challenge is creating these accommodating travel routes in ways that integrate with the house, the decks and entire site. Stairs on site are acceptable as long as there is also an alternate route.

In the Toolkit, you’ll find these features and more including gardening in raised beds or adjustable height planters. With these options, everyone can grow plants including those with limited ability to bend or who need to sit while gardening. Providing exercise for pets is another activity limited for some. The Toolkit has ideas for that as well.

You can also find ideas that show how to provide shade and weather protection, features everyone can appreciate.