Lattice Gardening

A vertical lattice system is an inexpensive, modular method of adding vibrancy and customization while also moderating privacy into interior and exterior social spaces. Handmade or store-bought flower boxes can be mounted on the vertical lattice structure at any height to create varied visual composition as well as to accommodate the reach and bending needs of all gardeners. Additionally, consider using this solution for areas of the home that regularly overheat in the afternoon. Lattices reduce the amount of direct sunlight reaching glass or other materials with insufficient thermal properties, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the home.

$$ $$

These are designed to be inexpensive systems using simple materials, but can be as complex as required.

How-to tip

This system design can be simple or complex and is easily scaled to meet a wide range of needs. For best results, consider using off-the-shelf steel square tubing for the vertical posts, which will be more durable and resilient than a lumber structure. Concrete forming tubes are an easy and inexpensive way to create small piers to support vertical posts. Spacing the posts 48 inches apart creates a strong structure while also adhering to standard material sizes and reducing waste. Choose lumber with similar criteria to building a deck - at the very least, make sure that it’s highly resistant to warping. Further customize by using different screening materials such as perforated metal screen or clear corrugated plastic sheet, or by using vibrant color choices.