Interior and Living Areas

Home Technology

On the plus side home technology can now control lighting, communications, entertainment, HVAC and security from a single platform. These systems are popular for the added convenience and peace of mind. However, depending on the system and end user, installation, cost and ease of use can vary widely. Ideally, for household members who have difficulty performing some daily tasks, home tech makes it possible to answer the door, secure the house and turn lights on/off without needing to get up. From a design point of view, hardwired systems require some modification, and most home tech solutions will retrofit to homes.

$ $$$

Many off-the-shelf options have been designed specifically for easy setup and use, with low costs that make them an appealing choice for many households.

How-to tip

Look for systems that are modular, scalable and easy to use day to day. This ease of use is especially relevant for older household members who may not be as tech savvy as younger generations. Controls that have visual and auditory cueing work better.