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Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar cells limit the need for new, large, central generating facilities and help offset house electricity costs. Additionally, on-site, consumer-level batteries can now store excess residential solar energy at an affordable cost, allowing homeowners to have access to a more consistent electricity source. Many jurisdictions also allow for any excess electricity generated to be sold back into the utility grid, although local regulations still vary widely from state to state. To ensure compliance, check with local building departments.

$$$ $

High initial capital costs can be offset by utility cost savings over time, although the costs are becoming more affordable as the technology improves.

How-to tip

There are many technical considerations at play when considering solar panels including orientation and slope of the panels and underlying roof and ensuring the roof can support the additional load, etc. Consult with the panel vendors or contractors before hiring a professional installer for any solar array. Energy modeling software provide an initial sense of a solar array’s viability to a site.