We would like to gratefully acknowledge the Subject Matters Experts below.  Hailing from an array of different professional fields, these experts helped contribute to the Re-defining Home: Home Today, Home Tomorrow design challenge brief.

With the view to advancing a better quality of life for all Americans, the brief the experts inform will help inspire a more progressive, holistic and futuristic design outlook for home & communities in the 21st Century.

In alphabetical order, by organization:

Rodney Harrell, PhD
Director, Livable Communities

AARP - Public Policy Institute

Daniel Soliman
Program Lead, Housing Division

AARP Foundation

Colin Arnold
Managing Principal

Community Housing Partners

Tom Brutting
Principal of HKIT and Chair of the
Northern California Design for
the Aging Committee.


Rod Henmi
Director of Design

HKIT Architects

Erick Mikiten
Architect, LEED-AP

Mikiten Architecture

Kit Chang
Pre Construction Project Manager & Architect

Nibbi Brothers General Contractors

Richard Duncan 
Executive Director

UD Institute

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