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What is the goal of the Design Challenge?

The goal of the design challenge is to generate universal design for growing-in-place solutions and remodel an attractive, adaptable, and affordable home that speaks to and showcases livability, by promoting both aesthetically- and functionally-appealing designs for better living.

By registering for the competition will I receive additional information needed to complete the requirements of the competition?

No. All necessary information to complete the competition requirements is included in the competition brief and can be found on the website.  Please visit the Resources page for more background information on universal design and housing. 

Can participants pay the early deadline fee and then submit their project at a later date?

No, you will pay your registration fee when you submit your project. You must submit on or before April 16, 2016 to receive the discount.

I want to enter the competition as part of a team. Is this allowed? How do I indicate this in my entry?

You are allowed and encouraged to enter as a team. Please see instructions outlined in the competition brief for team submissions.  Please indicate the names of your team members in the appropriate field when submitting your project on the submission website. You must also include all project collaborators in your Design Team Spreadsheet. All collaborators will be credited in the case of an award.

Do you care if our images are oriented vertically or horizontally?

No, as long as your images are JPEGs, 300 dpi, the orientation is up to you. However, for publication purposes it is helpful if you include a mix of both vertical and horizontal images in the event your project wins.

How will entrants be notified if they win?

All winners will be contacted via a personal email – firstly to inform them, and subsequently publicized through various communications channels: examples are: PR, Social Media, Blogs, Email, Newsletters, etc… We will contact winners, in advance, as we would like to include winners in the marketing outreach activities so they get the credit and publicity they rightly have earned.

Are all students eligible for the Student Division?

Yes, all full time students over the age of 18 and receiving their undergraduate, graduate or PhD degrees are eligible. Student submissions must be made by individuals or teams composed of students currently registered in academic institutions. Submission of student photo identification for student(s) is required.

Will the student and open divisions be judged under different evaluation criteria?

Student participants are not subject to different evaluation criteria and student submissions will be evaluated competitively with open submissions.

Is there a limit to the number of entries a participant can submit?

No, there is no limit to the number of entries per participant. The participant must pay the submission fee for each entry. 

What happens if a juror reviewing a submission has a conflict of interest?

Competition administrators will require jurors to recuse themselves from evaluating projects that represent a conflict of interest.

Are we allowed to demolish the building?

The intent of the competition is to explore how to modify existing housing stock so families can stay in their home as they travel through various life stages.

We are looking for a renovation plan which may involve some demolition but not a complete teardown. Maximum construction budget is $75,000.

I am a designer based in Europe. Am I eligible to enter?

To participate in the Design Challenge you must be a legal resident of the United States and be least 18 years of age at time of registration.

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