First Place® AZ

First Place®AZ, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, represents "home" for individuals who live there, an inspiring and enriching environment for those who learn and work there, and peace of mind for family and friends. First Place is a new residential prototype that aspires to be an international model.


Ensuring that housing and community options are as bountiful for adults with autism and other neuro-diversities as they are for everyone else.


First Place sets the standard for developing communities that integrate adults with autism and other neuro-diversities into the fabric of society through housing, healthcare, education, employment, supportive systems and culture.


  • Create an internationally recognized development with a mix of residential options that serves as home for individuals with autism and other neuro-diversities.
  • Demonstrate the success of residents and Transition Academy participants through quality-of-life indicators, including health and safety, joy and fulfillment, community engagement and productivity, greater self-sufficiency and independence, and peace of mind for their families.
  • Serve as a site for education, training and thought leadership focused on expanding quality housing options.
  • Empower advancements in public policy to support new models based on positive outcomes, evidence-based research and sound financial frameworks, thereby facilitating the scalability of similar future developments.

717 E Maryland #110 Phoenix 85014 Arizona


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