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As a locally-grown nonprofit, Homes First mission is committed to supporting those in our community who struggle most to find and remain in housing.  We believe everyone needs to be in a home to build a successful life and a successful community.

If you would like to help support Homes First raise the $150,000 we will need in community funding to buy these properties, please contribute now.  You can help the legacy of Bread and Roses continue in our community for those who need it most.


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Homes First!

Since 1990, Homes First has created and maintained safe, healthy, and affordable homes for those who need them most.

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In the last decade, home foreclosures and income inequality have been hot button issues in America.

Homes First uniquely addresses both of these challenges by acquiring and renovating pre-existing homes and offering them to our low and no income neighbors.

We are the only organization in Western Washington that simultaneously offers supportive placement to disadvantaged people while also reinvesting in the economic development of our community. Our mission is to provide safe, healthy, and affordable rental homes for those who need them most.

Homes First is more than just homes. We ensure our tenants have the support necessary to thrive and maintain a healthy quality of life. Through strong community partnerships with public and private agencies we are able to connect tenants to services if they are needed,using a permanent supportive housing model. Most of our tenants have various barriers including prior evictions, bad credit, low or no income, and criminal historys that keeps them from renting a traditional apartment or purchasing a home.

We house up to 200 people at a time who come from all walks of life including those who are developmentally disabled, single families, veterans, recovering addicts, and those exiting incarceration. This year, we are proud to introduce a Home's First Tenant Navigator who will assist and ensure residents have the ability to maneuver the complex journey through supportive services as needed.

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